12 & 13 OCT


60,00 €


Given the incredible success of this formula when it was first launched in 2016, this 2018 edition will certainly please you, dear aficionados, with our new offer of four tasting categories and a slightly different “Collector space”. The “Collector Ticket”, unique of its kind, will be limited to 160 tickets for our show in 13 & 14 October 2018.

Program: you will receive a personal card giving you access to 8 different 1 cl drams among our selection of 25 absolutely exceptional bottles !

Among these 8 drams, please select 1 of the "Diamond" panel, 3 of the "Gold" panel, 2 "Silver" panel and 2 "Bronze" panel.

Examples (other references will be added, but we keep the secret until “D day”!):

  • Diamond: Neisson 18Y, Bally 1970, Caroni 1985, ...
  • Gold: Samaroli Jamaïca 1982, Damoiseau 1980, Trois Rivières 1980, Favorite Vieux (Années 70), ...
  • Silver: Samaroli Hampden 1992, Bielle Old Brothers, HSE XO Ducasse,...
  • Bronze: Belize The Duchess, Foursquare 2004 Rasta Morris, ...


A guaranted top selection ! But there is more… these bottles are presented in a place exclusively for you...

Ticket valid for one day (you may chose any day no pre notification).

Price of the “Collector ticket":
• 60€ in pre sale (on website only)
• Not available at the counter.

Caution: please note that the "Collector" ticket comes ontop of the "general entrance" ticket. So, please combine purchase of the two tickets when ordering. Please also note that for optimal tasting and organization, you will be asked to wait for your turn after each tasting (whether direct tasting or "sample") and not to ask for 8 tastings at once ! Thanks for your understanding.

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