12 & 13 OCT


65,00 €

For this sixth edition, we are pleased to offer you a completely new formula: the "Caroni" ticket! Again and again the same leitmotiv for our team: spoil you and make you spend an excellent time during our Salon.

Want to learn more about the mythical distillery of Trinidad? So this is for YOU!

On the program: you will receive a personal and numbered card giving you access to 7 exceptional tastings (of 1cl each), distributed like this:  

  • Category DIAMOND : 3 tastings (to choose among these following bottles : Caroni 1983 52°, Caroni 1985 Old Legend 43,4°, Caroni 1988 43°, Caroni 1991 HP 55°, Caroni Single Cask Nectar, Caroni 1992 FP)
  • Category GOLD : 2 tastings (to choose among these following bottles : Caroni 2000 LMDW SC, Caroni Trilogy 1996 SC 64,46° ou 66 ,1° ou 70,28°)
  • Category SILVER : 1 tasting (to choose among these following bottles : Caroni Employee Green, Caroni Employee Red)
  • Category BRONZE : 1 tasting (to choose among these following bottles : Caroni 98 HP, Caroni 98 FP)


For an optimal tasting, these bottles will be presented in a place exclusively reserved for you and the followers of the formula "Collector" (cfr ticketing).

Ticket valid for one day only (free day of choice and it is not necessary to notify us).

Price of the ticket "Caroni":

  • 65€ 

Caution: please note that the "Caroni" ticket comes ontop of the "general entrance" ticket. So, please combine purchase of the two tickets when ordering. Please also note that for optimal tasting and organization, you will be asked to wait for your turn after each tasting (whether direct tasting or "sample") and not to ask for 7 tastings at once ! Thanks for your understanding.

  • Tasting kit (glass, pencil and notebook)
  • Access to l’Espace Dégustation (Tasting area)
  • Access to l’Espace VIP (VIP area)
  • Access to l’Espace Master-Class (Master-class area)


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