15,00 €

2020 TICKETS coming soon (July) !

A Masterclass is tutored tasting session covering 5 drams of the same Distillery, all presented  by skilled Experts from the world of rum or even of the distillery itself. It takes about 1 hour.

Price of the "Masterclass ticket”:

  • 15€ in presale (only web site)
  • Not available at the counter.


  • Master-class n°1 - samedi 13h15 : Perles de Sainte-Lucie
  • Master-class n°2 - samedi 14h45 : Savanna
  • Master-class n°3 - samedi 16h15 : Nation
  • Master-class n°4 - samedi 17h45 : La renaissance de la Jamaïque
  • Master-class n°5 - dimanche 13h15 : Depaz
  • Master-class n°6 - dimanche 14h45 : That Boutique-Y Rum Company
  • Master-class n°7 - dimanche 16h30 : Worthy Park

Caution: note that the “Masterclass ticket" comes in addition to the “General admission ticket”. So, do not forget to combine ticket when ordering. You may also book several “Masterclass ticket” for different sessions of course). Each Master-Class session is limited to 25 people  !

  • Tasting kit (glass, pencil and notebook)
  • Access to l’Espace Dégustation (Tasting area)
  • Access to l’Espace VIP (VIP area)
  • Access to l’Espace Master-Class (Master-class area)
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