General Terms and Conditions

Freedom-Impex S.P.R.L. General Terms and Conditions of Sale governing any transactions performed via the www.whisky-live.be website

Consumers are entitled to notify the seller that they wish to cancel their purchase, without having to provide a reason or being liable for penalties, within seven days following the date at which they booked their entry tickets and/or ordered products. This does not apply to any personalized Products Clients may have ordered.



The present General Terms and Conditions of Sale are concluded between:

Freedom-Impex S.P.R.L., 10 Rue des Eglantines 4801 Stembert (Belgium)
VAT: BE0823090926
Telephone number: + 32 (0) 492 27.62.60 
Fax number: +32(0)87 22.84.18
Email: info@freedom-impex.com

hereinafter called "Freedom-Impex",

and, on the other hand, any person wishing to make a purchase or making a purchase via the online booking Website www.whisky-live.be.

hereinafter called the "Clients" or, individually, the "Client".

Freedom-Impex and the Clients shall hereinafter be jointly referred to as the “Parties”.


The present General Terms and Conditions aim to define the terms of the relationship between Freedom-Impex and its Clients, from the time of booking to the time of delivery, including the use of any services Freedom-Impex may provide and the corresponding payments. They shall govern all the essential steps of the booking process and ensure the follow-up of any bookings contracted between the Parties.

Scope of application

The present Terms and Conditions govern the booking of entry tickets and other products featuring on the Website on the date the Client makes a booking.

They shall apply to all the booking methods Freedom-Impex offers its Clients via www.whisky-live.be.

Capacity to contract

The Client hereby declares to have the capacity to contract in accordance with the terms and conditions specified hereafter.

Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions by the Client

The present Terms and Conditions can be consulted on the Website directly. At the Client’s request, Freedom-Impex shall furnish the Client with a copy of same by email, fax or post.

Once the Client has ticked the box “I have read and accept the General Terms and Conditions” prior to placing an order, he shall automatically be deemed to have expressly accepted the present Terms and Conditions in full and unreservedly. By ticking the box in question, the Client acknowledges that he has read, understood and accepted the present Terms and Conditions.


All products on the website are priced in euro.

Any rate changes may be passed on to the price of the Products once the new prevailing rate has come into effect.

Save for any blatant typographic errors, Clients shall be charged the prices published on the Website.

Clients shall be charged the price published on the Website on the date the Client confirms his booking and provided payment is issued within twenty-four hours of the booking having been validated.


The Client shall make his bookings via the Website.

The Client’s details used to register the booking shall as a minimum include the following information, which the Client guarantees to be accurate and truthful:

  • Any details that are normally sought when registering for or booking something online
  • Clients shall clearly identify the tickets they selected using the reference code published on the Website and shall check these before validating their booking. The reference codes for any Products featuring various options shall be displayed once the options in question have been selected
  • Clients shall ensure that they specify the quantities required
  • Clients shall also clearly specify and check their relevant delivery details, especially the exact delivery address if orders need to be delivered by registered mail 

Booking confirmations

Clients shall automatically receive an email confirming their booking, provided that the email address on the registration form does not contain any errors. Clients shall ensure that they keep (a copy of) the email Freedom-Impex shall send them for information and future reference purposes. Freedom-Impex, for its part, shall keep an electronic copy of any documents relating to its Clients’ bookings.

Payment methods

Clients shall settle their booking into the bank account of Freedom-Impex, bearing IBAN number BE95 1325 3804 1358 and SWIFT/BIC code BNAGBEBB

The Client hereby guarantees Freedom-Impex that they have the required authority to avail of this payment method.

Payment date

Clients shall settle their booking as soon as possible and herewith accept that bookings shall not be finalized until such time as payment has been received.

Validation of bookings

On receipt of the Client’s full payment, Freedom-Impex shall email the Client to inform him that his booking has been validated.

Entry tickets shall only be delivered by registered mail at the client’s request and at the price specified on the booking form or can alternatively be collected in situ on the date of the event.


As a preventative measure, Freedom-Impex, advocates responsible consumption on the part of:

  • Exhibitors:

To ensure that every brand can be enjoyed as optimally as it might, we should like to, inasmuch as possible, limit the number of tastings per brand.

  • The public:

Every visitor should be able to fully enjoy the event and to taste the products on offer in a responsible manner.
Every stand will have a number of spittoons. Patrons will not be offered more than 2cl per tasting. Whiskies will be presented in glasses that transcend all the senses of the tasting.

Nominal and personal data

Clients hereby agree and are aware of the fact that the Internet is not a fully secure information medium and that it is therefore impossible to furnish a cast-iron guarantee in terms of Clients’ privacy, save in respect of the secure parts of the Website which shall be duly identified as such.

Freedom-Impex invariably adheres to the provisions of the Privacy Act of 8 December 1992 governing the processing of personal data, as amended.

Only personal data Clients have furnished voluntarily shall be registered and stored in the Freedom-Impex files and used to promote Freedom-Impex. Freedom-Impex shall offer its Clients, when registering, making a booking or within the framework of any other specific transactions, the option of subscribing to its newsletter, of receiving promotional offers, and/or of being notified of any upcoming "Promotions". Clients may at any moment in time change their subscription to the www.whisky-live.be website and decline to receive any further information.

For security reasons and to gain an overview of the number of visitors to its Website, Freedom-Impex shall automatically register the following data: date and time of the Website visit, IP address, the pages consulted, browser and country of origin.

Without prejudice to the above, Freedom-Impex does not register any data unbeknownst to its Clients, does not disclose its Clients’ data to third parties and does not use its Clients’ data for commercial purposes.

Users may at any moment in time consult their own personal data Freedom-Impex keeps on file and ask to have these data corrected or deleted by contacting the company at the above address.

Intellectual property 

All the elements of the Website - be it visual or acoustic - including the underlying technology used, are protected by copyright, trademark rights or patent rights and are and shall remain the exclusive property of Freedom-Impex.

The use of hyperlinks redirecting users to the Website by means of techniques such as “framing”, “deep-linking” or “in-line linking” is hereby expressly forbidden.

Completeness of the Terms and Conditions

Any legislative or regulatory changes or court rulings rendering one or several clauses of the present Terms and Conditions null and void shall not in any way affect the validity of the present General Terms and Conditions of Sale. Changes or statements to that effect shall on no account entitle the Client not to adhere to the present General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Any condition that has not been explicitly provided for shall be deemed to be governed by the customs prevailing in the e-commerce sector companies with a registered office in Belgium are operating in.

Duration and applicability

The present Terms and Conditions govern any booking made via the www.whisky-live.be Website or entered into with the company Freedom-Impex by any other means.

Freedom-Impex shall be entitled to amend the present Terms and Conditions at any moment in time. Bookings shall be governed by the Terms and Conditions prevailing at the moment the booking is registered.

Territoriality and applicable law

The present User Terms and the relationship between www.whisky-live.be and its users shall be governed by Belgian law. Any dispute that cannot be settled in an amicable fashion shall be submitted to the competent courts of the judicial district of Verviers for adjudication.

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