8-9 October

Special Bottling 2021: Sainte Lucie

Special Bottling 2021 - 7th Salon du Rhum de Belgique

Chairman's Reserve Master's Selection Salon du Rhum Belgique

A unique opportunity to test the rums from the island of Saint Lucia. This rum, vintage 2012, is a little 8 year old nugget which has the particularity of being a blend of two Pot Stills: John Dore 1 and Vendôme. 

This single cask has been selected during the covid-19 confinement by the team of the Belgium Rum Fair and is waiting for one thing: to be tasted with friends as soon as possible!  

Aficionados will know... we have already bottled a St Lucia 2011 (John Dore 1 and Column Still). If you liked the first one, the second one will blow you away.

  • Single cask
  • 8 years (ex bourbon cask)
  • 46%
  • Limited number of bottles: 267 bottles available
  • Colour: coppery, almost mahogany 
  • Nose: vanilla, spices and a touch of fine oak
  • Palate: the palate is still greedy with vanilla-bourbon and then goes on to a fruity taste with hints of caramel
  • Finish: nice length with spices that take over again as well as woody and vanilla notes 

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