8-9 October

Special Bottling 2022 : Plantation

Special Bottling 2022 - 7th edition of the Belgium Rum Fair

Plantation Long Pond 1999 Selection Rum Fair Belgium

A unique opportunity to test an old rum from the Long Pond distillery. This single cask, vintage 1999, is a little nugget of 23 years (19 years of tropical aging and 4 years of continental aging):

  • > Number of bottles: 298
  • > ABV: 76
  • > Mark: HJC
  • > Esters: 426 (g/hL AA)
  • > Volatile Coumpounds: 1075 (g/hL AA)

This single cask has been designed in collaboration with Nectar and Maison Ferrand to support us through the post-flood period of July 2021 (during which we lost all our organisational equipment). Thanks again to them for supporting us in this way!

If you wish to order this bottle, there are several delivery options available to you and you must choose your delivery method in the options below (attention: postal delivery is a bit slow, thank you for your understanding). No postal delivery outside Belgium !

135,00 €

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